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A beautiful day at Fourways Farmers Market and its wonderful people...

There is nothing like the tranquility of the Fourways Farmers Market.

I have spent countless hours at this lovely place, just sitting, enjoying the fresh air, the music, lovely food and watching people interacting, being and having a good time.

Today I really just want to share the love and hope that some of the faces with no name, will find their images and will be able to enjoy them as much as I do.

I also have an Instagram account, which is called Faces_with_no_name, on there I occasionally share some of the faces with no name and launch a bounty hunt in order to maybe get some of the images to all the lovely people, so feel free to share and help me find them.

And if you like the below gallery, then please share the love on your social media channels.

Thank you Peeps and happy Sunday

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