About Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig Johnson - born 1973

Diploma in Professional Digital Photography
Advanced Certificate Wedding Photography
Advanced Certificate Perfect Portraiture
Registered Nikon Professional User NPU
Currently Studying Photojournalism in South Africa

Daniel Craig Johnson is a German national with roots steaming from the United States. In the early 2000's he happened to end up in Johannesburg South Africa. When First asked what makes a person with a military and security background become a professional photographer, Daniel answered to a Journalist of the daily sun with the following statement: " I love to capture moments, to photograph an emotion that would have been gone forever. The beauty of people and objects lies in the beauty of the imagination, that the subjective mind has and that is hidden behind the eyes of the viewer. This view is unique and never uniform, as every individual has his own perception. Sometimes I question, if it is really the same thing that everyone is seeing, so let's make sure we ban the evidence on film forever.....".