• Daniel Craig Johnson

Arthur's Story

Meet Arthur, Arthur is the Man with the Violin at Neighbourgoods Market & Farmers Market Fourways. Sometimes it is windy there, sometimes cold, but one thing you will always find there no matter what, Arthur!

So yesterday I went to town, and I really didn't know what I wanted to achieve with my cameras, so I sat down next to Arthur, and for the first time I literally encountered his little world, at the spot where he always stands.

So I called this Arthur's story. I wanted to show the people he engages with and the ones that engage with him, the visitors, the strangers, the ones that say hello, the ones that stop for a moment to embrace his music, the ones that stop to support him with some coins and notes, and the ones that just walk passed without really recognising him.

I had my camera in a hidden angle, as I wanted to achieve unawareness of my presence and I didn't want to create awkwardness and take away from people just being who they are.

This was not about perfect framing, exposure, focus, it was just about capturing all the above in the way it transpired for the roughly three hours I had spent some quality time with my man. It's about real, about humans and interactions, and just about the moments...

Please if you enjoy the Blog and what Arthur does, then share the love and spread the word for this fine Gentleman, and when you walk passed, drop some change for support.

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